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Photo by Anders KellersandCASCADE researchers develop new test methods which allow to screen for endocrine disrupting chemicals in food.


For example, by integrating a number of different methods, a pioneering test system has been developed which will be used to analyse endocrine disrupting chemicals in bread and babyfood.

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NureXbase is a new version of NuReBase. This database contains additional information about endocrine disrupters studied in CASCADE.

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NureXbase User Guidelines

Analytical methods for endocrine disrupters

Here you can find a compilation of analytical methods used for food analysis. The file is a result of a questionnaire which had been sent to CASCADE partners and collaborating researchers.
A new database for food safety
The Endocrine Disrupter Chemicals-Diet Interactions Database (EDID) hosted by CASCADE partner Alberto Mantovani ( contains important information related to food toxicology.

CASCADE Database for joint research

The CASCADE database provides access to more than 200 plasmids, stable cell-lines, collections of organ and tissue-samples, transgenic/knock-out animals, methods and equipment available in CASCADE laboratories. You can access the database via the CASCADE intranet.


Do you want to learn more about endocrine disrupting chemicals, nuclear receptors and risk assessment?


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